Workshop – Professional Makeup Artist and Visagist in Berlin – Jasmin Stein-Hartmann
Workshop Work

Workshop Work

Jasmin Stein-Hartmann

I offer make-up trainings in the business sector and in the private sector. In the workshop, I’ll show you what the perfect make-up for an evening makeup looks like, or how to get a quick 5-minute make-up. Under my guidance you will learn the most important make-up techniques, from the selection of the right brush to the Smokey Eye to the perfect eyeliner. Whether individual courses, group sessions or girls evening-prior
knowledge is not necessary.

Workshop Services

I basically do wedding, shooting, TV/movies, events and workshop related makeup among other services.

Make An

Please don’t hesitate to make an appointment by sending me a message using the contact form or, you could send an email to From there we can arrange a phone or skype call and I’ll tell you about the schedule.