Photoshoot – Professional Makeup Artist and Visagist in Berlin – Jasmin Stein-Hartmann
Shooting Work

Shooting Work

Jasmin Stein-Hartmann

From business portrait shoots, editorial or fashion shoots to lifestyle and advertising jobs, you or the model are at the center. As a hair and make-up artist, I care for the perfect look. Minor blemishes I cover inconspicuously, without distorting your character. But also colorful makeups and a creative hairstyling I set skillfully.

Photoshoot Services

I basically do wedding, shooting, TV/movies, events and workshop related makeup among other services.

Make An

Please don’t hesitate to make an appointment by sending me a message using the contact form or, you could send an email to From there we can arrange a phone or skype call and I’ll tell you about the schedule.