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Wedding Work

Wedding Work

Jasmin Stein-Hartmann

To make the most beautiful day in your life even more glamorous, I offer you a mobile bridal style. Your wedding is imminent and you want everything to be perfect, especially the styling? A wedding is very special. Therefore, you should not have to worry about your appearance on your big day. Let yourself be styled by me and enjoy your big day! I’m always happy when I’m allowed to participate in something so beautiful. Enjoy your big day carefree and relaxed with a long – lasting, professional mak-up and the right hairstyle. At a trial date, we’ll talk to you at home about what you want to look like on your big day. Everything is coordinated with each other: appropriate make-up and possibly hairstyling (for example updos) to dress, bridal bouquet and your nature. I’ll come to you on your wedding day (whether you’re at home, at the hotel, or with your family) and we’ll do it all relaxed. After the styling I will help you then in the dress and put your veil. So your best day starts stress – free! Does your mom, maid of honor, sister, girlfriend or / and your bald man also want to get a great styling? Of course, I also offer my services to my best. Ask me!

Wedding Services

I basically do wedding, shooting, TV/movies, events and workshop related makeup among other services.

Make An

Please don’t hesitate to make an appointment by sending me a message using the contact form or, you could send an email to From there we can arrange a phone or skype call and I’ll tell you about the schedule.