Jasmin Stein-Hartmann

Even in elementary school, I was interested in make up. I think, like almost every girl. My fascination was not limited to me, but also to the perfectly made up ladies on television. But since everyone should show a solid education, I first made a vocational training as an office clerk. In spite of everything, I have never lost sight of the make up artist. In 2004 I finally took my apprenticeship as a make up artist. Make up is an art in which I am completely absorbed and fascinates and motivates me every day. My work as a professional make up artist is characterized by creativity, passion and precision. Recognizing and implementing the latest trends is just as much a part of my work as the development of individual looks. My profound training as make up artist & hairstylist allow me a comprehensive range of services. For styling at photo shoots, film / TV productions and commercials up to gala and event up you will find a professional contact person.

Educational Life

I am based in Berlin and work as a makeup artist for weddings, photos, tv, movies, events, and workshops.

Make An

Please don’t hesitate to make an appointment by sending me a message using the contact form or, you could send an email to info@beautyside.net. From there we can arrange a phone or skype call and I’ll tell you about the schedule.